Learning How to Use the Basic Tools in Adobe InDesign CC | Part 1

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Updated December 28th, 2017

Welcome back to at home with InDesign. Today we are going to jump into the basics and learn how to use the most important tool within InDesign

Welcome to Part One of learning how to use Indesign basics. This tutorial will teach you the basic tools of indesign and how to use Indesign CC for beginners.
► Check out the Full Adobe Indesign Tutorial Series Here! ( https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_9qmWdi19yCl9hR2hBMEcbmkrh4pgT5N )

Learning adobe Indesign can be overwhelming. It is a very powerful program with a lot of tools and features. But with this Adobe Indesign for beginners tutorial course you will be able to learn how to easily use adobe indesign like a pro. We will walk you through an easy step by step process to learning adobe Indesign CC

The Adobe Indesign Tools you will learn in this tutorial:

– Selection Tool
– Direct Selection Tool
– Type Tool
– Line Tool
– Pen Tool
– Pencil Tool
– Shape Tool
– Frame Tool
– Scissors Tool
– Scale Tool
– Gradient Tool
– Gradient Feather Tool
– Hand Tool
– Zoom Tool
– Eye Dropper Tool

All of the basic Adobe Indesign tools will be used extensively, so it is great to see you here ready to learn the basics!

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