Is Adobe Indesign Easy to Use? What is Adobe Indesign Used For?

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Updated December 27th, 2017

Adobe InDesign is a powerful tool that is easy to use once you have the proper training. I want to talk for a moment about how to use Adobe indesign correctly.

Learn Adobe Indesign with my Tutorial Series

So let’s jump in.

Think of Adobe InDesign as the package in which you deliver all of the wonderful content you have created in Photoshop and Illustrator. Using Abode InDesign correctly is extremely important because it is how you will set yourself a part as a professional in an ocean of amateurs.

Adobe InDesign is where you want to create business cards, magazines, brochures, catalogs, and various other pieces that will carry content.

  • Photoshop will be used for editing photos and digital painting
  • Illustrator is where you will create logos and vector illustrations.

But more on those two in another episode.

The key to using Adobe InDesign correctly is taking advantage of all the layout features, text editing capabilities, and formatting tricks. These features will not be found in Illustrator and Photoshop which is why it is crucial that you are using InDesign for your deliverable products.

► This was a quick taste of the purpose of InDesign click here to Learn how to use the basic tools within Adobe InDesign.

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