How to Stay Fit and Healthy as a Graphic Designer – 5 Desk Job Health Tips

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Updated December 26th, 2017

How to Stay Fit and Healthy as a Graphic Designer – 5 Desk Job Tips



You landed on this page or video because like me you want to stay healthy as a graphic designer. I love being a creative person, but I also enjoy staying in shape, eating well, and not gaining weight while I work long hours behind a a computer at a desk job.

Without further needless talk let’s jump into the top 4 tips on how to stay healthy as a graphic designer.


1 ) Stretch Every Morning

With all of the sitting I do as a graphic designer it is extremely important to stay flexible. Because whenever I step away from the desk and want to get out on a bike ride or go hiking I need to be prepared. If I don’t stretch I risk an injury. I would hate this, because I love the outdoors.


2 ) Eating Habits

I know a lot of graphic designers and desk job jockeys that snack it up at their desks. If you want to stay healthy you have to cut out snacking. With a little extra prep time you can plan your breakfast and lunch meals in order to achieve consistency in your diet.

I am NOT saying go on a diet. But I am saying that you need to have consistency in what you eat each day. I achieve this by eating the same thing for breakfast and lunch each working day and then I allow dinner to be something not included in my routine.


  • Half Cup of Organic Oatmeal
  • One Organic Banana
  • Two Table Spoons of Nutiva Protein Powder
  • One Table Spoon of Garden of Life Fit Protein Powder
  • 6 oz of Organic Milk
  • One Organic Fried Egg
  • Half Organic Orange

Organic Food is far more satisfying and keeps me satiated longer. 🙂


  • One Organic Sweet Potato (Toaster Oven Baked)
  • Half Organic Peanut Butter Toasted Sandwich
  • Half Organic Banana
  • Half Organic Orange
  • Three Table Spoons of Protein Powder (After my Daily Workout)
  • Plain Organic Yogurt (8oz at 3:30pm – My Afternoon “Snack”)

The Key is consistency. Your body learns what it needs to survive your workday and you train it to desire nothing more, and nothing less. This is the power of consistency.


3 ) Work Out Daily Before Lunch

By working out every workday before lunch I am able to re-energize and prepare myself for the second part of the day. I usually get tired around lunch time. So I pull out my weights, set out my yoga mat, and take charge of my 25 minute workout and cool down stretch.

The reason I workout before lunch is so my body is not trying to digest while I am jumping around my office, plus after I workout my body needs the nutrients to rebuild muscle.


4 ) Invest in a Standing Desk

I cannot tell you how amazing it is to have the option of standing part of my day. I repeat, standing PART OF MY DAY. People get standing desks and they go all buck wild and try to stand all day. I have found this cause back pain because you WILL get tired and start to have bad posture. I swap back and fourth between sitting and standing. This has worked like a charm.


5 ) Take a walk around the office every 50 minutes.

There is a reason that college classes only last 50 minutes. You can only focus so hard for so long, and your muscles start to get jumpy after about 45 minutes.

It is extremely beneficial for your creativity and health to get up every 50 – 60 minutes and take a quick stroll around the office.


Well There you have it. 5 Tips to Stay Healthy as a Graphic Design. Join the tribe of individuals wanting to get Motivated, Educated and Deregulated in their lives by subscribing to our Youtube Channel! Stay up to date with all the latest tips, reviews, and education.

Thanks for tuning in today!

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