4 Tips on How to Set Goals for 2018 and Start Something Brand New!

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Updated December 22nd, 2017

The turn of the New Year is the best time to get something new started in your life. It is easier to get set on a goal because it’s scaleable. You can easily rate your development as the year progresses. But we all know what happens…two weeks into the New Year it all falls apart…

Why? Were the stakes to high, the goals unrealistic? No, usually not. It has a lot to do with a lack of routine.

Without further lamenting here are the 4 tips on how to start something brand new in 2018 and see it come to pass.


1 ) Write it Down (Obvious, but easily overlooked)

Every year since I was 6 years old I would write down my goals and dreams.

NOT my New Year’s resolutions. I find that if you try and completely flip your life on it’s head you will be dead before the ship even sinks. You have to set goals for this year that will empower you to continue in your growth pattern next year. I find that people make crazy outlandish goals that they are never going to be able to obtain so that they have a cop-out if they fail.

“See I told you I couldn’t turn $1 into $100,000…”

Maybe there are some people in the world right now who very well could turn $1 into $100,000. But if that is not your skill set than don’t fuss around in something that will ultimately kill your motivation.

With that being said don’t be afraid to write down a couple outlandish goals just to see what happens.

So when you write down your goals it is best to categorize them.

My 2017 Categories:

  • Design/Career
  • Financial
  • Spiritual
  • Life
  • Marriage

Within these I always list at least one OUTLANDISH goal per category. This sparks my humor, motivation, and faith in the coming year. I have actually ended up accomplishing a few of my outlandish goals from time to time.

2 ) Goal set what you want to accomplish, not what you think others will find to be an accomplishment.

In our day in age we are constantly bombarded with what it means to be successful. It could be:

  • Cars
  • Money
  • Relationships
  • Followers
  • Travels
  • Clothing
  • Jewelry
  • College
  • Job Promotions
  • Or a Myriad of other things that people put on us.

Set goals that you want to accomplish! This is a sure way to increase you ability to reach your goals.

Here are a few I wrote down and accomplished in 2017:

  • Start creating my own tea mixtures
  • Support my wife in her nursing career
  • Become a mentor to a younger person
  • Take Snowboarding trip
  • Develop ways for an alternative income

Now let me tell you why its important to aim big. Here are a few that I wrote down in 2016 but did not accomplish until 2017…

  • Have $X(personal goal) amount in savings
  • Work out 5 times per week
  • Maintain goal weight
  • Develop ways for an alternative income

This is why goal setting is so important. Because maybe you won’t hit the goal in your exact time frame, but if it is on your list, you will be striving towards it and making strides to see it come to pass.


3 ) Develop a Routine

In order to accomplish the goals you are setting out to achieve you must set up a routine.

Last year I had to become extremely intentional about my goals.

  • Develop ways for an alternative income
    • Six days per week I had to set aside an hour or two towards this goal. (I wake up a 4:25am six days a week to make sure I have this time set aside)
  • Support my wife in her nursing career.
    • That meant cooking meals when she worked late, giving up time with friends in order to make sure house choirs were accomplished, and just sitting with her and hearing about her GREAT day, or AWFUL day.
  • Become a mentor
    • Setting aside a few hours once a week to meet up with the person I mentor.
  • Tea Mixtures
    • Research how, getting the supplies, and not fearing the results.
  • Take a Snowboarding trip
    • Saving money each month by not having an internet connection, cable, netfilx, or random gadgets in our house.

All of these things required me to either intentionally spend money, my time, or emotions. I had to create a routine for myself each day in order to ensure my goals were accomplished.

I hate to break it to you, but you might have to give up some nights out with friends, your favorite TV show, or starring blankly at the ceiling while to dishes pile up in the sink.

4 ) Take Action

Which leads me to my final point.


There were a lot of times I wanted to give up this year. I wanted to throw in the towel and scream, “IT’S NOT WORKING”, but that is not how I was going to achieve the goals set before me. I had to take action, give up on some things that were less important than the goals set before me, and ultimately see my goals come to pass this year.

Did I accomplish everything on my list in 2017, no! But I actually accomplished some different things that were even more incredible than I had set.

Your goals are simply setting a trajectory towards leveling up your abilities. So set them, accomplish them, break them, and most importantly never give up on them!

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