Could There Soon Be a Universal Language? | If So, Should You Learn Languages of the World

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December 20th, 2017

Language is power and the ability to easily communicate across various cultures and continents extremely beneficial. Many highly influential CEOs are bilingual:

  • Mark Zukerberg, Founder and CEO of Facebook: English and Chinese
  • Michael Bloomberg, CEO of Bloomberg L.P.: English and Spanish
  • Leo Apotheker, former CEO at SAP, Hewlett Packard: German, Dutch, French, English and Hebrew
  • Paul Bulcke, CEO, Nestle: Dutch, French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, German
  • Sergey Brin, Co-founder of Google and President of Alphabet: Russian and English

These business leaders garner more respect with foreign business exchange in one native greeting than most of us could garner in years of communication without learning another’s language. There is something to be said about putting in the effort to communicate with someone in their own language. Honor and Respect.

Is there a language that levels the playing field? A language that puts us all in tough with anyone around the world at any moment. Could such a language already exist under the guise of another category, but we are simply overlooking it as a viable form of communication?

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1 ) What is a universal language?

A Universal Language is something that is universally understood.
The most universal language is body language.

Nodding up and down? Yes, I want that piece of cake.
Shaking your head side to side? No, I don’t want that piece of cake.

This is understood as universal communication. But there are many gaps in body language’s ability to communicate in depth with individuals speaking entirely different languages.

According the the Linguistic Society there are an estimated 6,909 distinct languages.


2 ) What are the Most Common Languages?

Wiki estimated the Top 3 languages are currently:

1 Mandarin Chinese (incl. Standard Chinese) 1.09 billion
2 English 983 million
3 Hindustani (Hindi/Urdu) 544 million

What kind of universal language can connect all of these people. At the time of writing there are an estimated 7.6 billion people in the world (World Meters)

According to research done by the International Tele Communications Union via Internet World Stats:

There are 3,885,567,619 using the internet.
That is 51.7% of the entire world.

3 ) The Most Universal Language?

Did you know that almost all computer programming comments, variables, user written classes, and methods are written in english. The content, of course, is written in their own language, but the computer language itself is written with a common language, English.


In fact, having english comments, variables, user written classes, and methods written in English cannot solve the universal language problem on its own…

Ever time you add a comment, tweet, video, or purchase an item on the internet you are adding code to the internet. That code is then translated into an attribute or webpage and through that code you are communicating on a world wide platform.

Now, what about that is universal? So what if the variables, comments, etc are all english. The actually content comes in everyones native language.

Yes, the content is in the native language, but that content can be converted in nanoseconds to any language in the world…. consider iTranslate:


Computer programing gives us the power to convert and communicate on a world-wide level.


4 ) Computer Programming Is the Future of Universal Communications

Computer programming is already becoming the universal form of communication. As seen in the example of iTranslate (woman speaks into her mobile device, translates into Chinese, and then Chinese woman gives response and it translate into english) programming is unlocking the world to universal communication.

“Languages such as Java and HTML are fast becoming universal in their own right due to their simplicity…Something notably interesting about the notion of a universal language is the ironic fact that almost every code has been written in English.”

The JM Group

The reason it is important to recognize that nearly every programming language is based off of english is not to glorify the english language. I would bring up this point if every programming language was written within German, Chinese, or Hebrew. The reason it is important to recognize this attribute is the universality of the language.

According to an Article from Red Monk there are approximately 35 million developers world-wide. 

Consider this: The first programming language was written in 1949 by John Mauchly. This computer programming language is know as Short Code. In just 68 years 35 million people (or MORE) have learned this language and have given 3.8 billion people the ability to communicate with it.

Whats more? The First website went live in 1991, created by Tim Berners-Lee. In 26 years the internet went from 1 – 3.8 billion users. And with the power of programs like iTranslate people are communicating on a global scale.

A Language created 68 years ago is now spoken by roughly 35 million people and growing rapidly, daily!


5 ) Global Communication is in the Code

The most effective way to communicate on a Global scale is computer programming. When you consider the 2.1 Billion smart phones, 1 billion tablets in use right now, and the 260 million personal computers so last year alone you have to consider the power rooted influence of computer programming.

Computer Programming is the universal language. This is not a future hope, there is already evidence of its global communicative power right here.

The question is, will you communicate on a global scale, or will you be without a voice.

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