What Does a Data Scientist Do? | No Jargon – Just Facts

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Updated December 15th, 2017

With all the great things happening in the data science world it is no wonder that you are here, curious with questions, anxious to jump into this industry!

Today I am going to QUICKLY answer the questions: “What Does a Data Scientist Do?”

First of all what is data analytics…

Data analytics is the extraction a large, large, large amounts of data that are stored within a database. This data comes from a multiplicity of places all over the world. Data comes from the 2.1 billion mobile devices world-wide. The 1 billion tablets in the hands of consumers. And the 261 million personal computers sold laster year alone! When we are on our devices we are moving around the “internet of things”. We are making online purchases, interacting on social media, creating traffic patterns within our google maps app, etc, etc, etc…. the list could go on and on. Oh, btw, this is just one area that data is collected.

  • Someone is needed to analyze the data for patterns and trends.
  • Identify the problems and inaccuracies in the data
  • Interpret the data to discover solutions for companies.
  • Communicate these findings to company executives through visual presentations

That person is the Data Scientist – The IT Rock Star!

Data Scientists are the top professionals in the industry. They usually hold a Masters Degree in some relative Computer Science degree or even a PhD. They understand, very well, data from a business(or their specific industry. Could be medical) stand point and he/she can make accurate prediction of the data to advise clients on their next big business move! Data scientists have a solid foundation of computer applications, modeling, statistics and math!

  • Highly Advanced in coding (Python, MySQL, R, JavaScript, etc…
  • Ability to do high levels of math quickly
  • Fantastic Statistical Analysis Abilities
  • Great Communication Skill: Written and Oral
  • And they have a brilliant Knack for communicating between the IT world and the Business Professionals.

  – Starting Salary: $115,000 –

Ok, but still….What does a Data Scientist do?

1 ) Data Scientists Analyze Data

Remember the billions of devices we mentioned earlier? Well, as we make our purchases, drive to Gramma’s house, and interact on social media we are creating data. Feel like you are being tracked? Stop creating data! I know it’s hard. Data Scientists take all of this data and identify what is accurate data, incorrect data, incomplete data, and applicable data. This is called Data Scrubbing.

Analyzing data for reporting on the past quarters sales report, or predicting the next quarters sales. This is one example of what a Data Scientist does. This leads into the second aspect of what a Data Scientist does.


2 ) Data Scientists Create Presentations

After they scrub the data, come up with actionable insights, and formulate a plan of action; data scientists present. Standing before freelance clients or company executives a data scientist will present his/her findings. Maybe they were called upon to report last quarters results, predict the next quarter, or develop a new program to suggest products to people.


3 ) Data Scientists Create Programs

One of the most definitive differences between a data analyst and a data scientist is the scientists deep knowledge and proficiency in computer programming.

Imagine that a company wants to start suggesting products to their clients. Bob comes comes online and purchases a book from the companies self-help section. The next time Bob comes to their website they want to offer him the opportunity to purchase more books. This is called Machine Learning. It is an algorithm created by a data scientist to predict what books Bob will want to purchase.

Machine learning uses what Bob purchased when he was last on the site and combines it with Steve’s buying habits. If Steve buys the same book Bob buys, then goes and buys another self-help book, then perhaps Bob might like the other book that Steve purchased. This is how a machine learns. Data Predictions lead me into the fourth role of a data scientist.


4 ) Data Scientists Maintain Algorithms and Programs

Now that the algorithm is online recommended Steve’s purchases to Bob it is the role of the data scientists to collect the data from the algorithm he created to check its accuracy. By tweaking the predictive algorithm the Data Scientist can increase sales for the company. Maintaining the systems they have created is a very important role for the data scientist.


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