5 Habits You Must Eliminate to Save $407 Per Month, Lose Weight, and Boost Productivity!

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Updated December 14th, 2017

In order to boost our productivity it is necessary to get rid of some habits in order to make room for new ones! Sometimes it is best to look at what you need to stop doing before you can look at what you need to start doing.

Today I want to address 5 habits that are keeping you from saving money, losing weight, and boosting your productivity.

1 ) Get rid of monthly subscriptions

When I took the time to look at the un-useful monthly subscriptions that many people leave on their expenses each month I was quite shocked. Here are a few that you should kick in order to save big!

  • Cable Bill (Average Cost: $55-$120 per mo. = $660 – $1,440 per yr.)
  • Gym Membership (Average Cost: $20 – $50 per mo. = $240 – $600 per yr.)
    • Get a set of dumbbells, a workout mat, and some reputable online instruction to save big and stay fit.
  • Your Daily Coffee Run (Average Cost)
    • $2.50 – $5 per day > $12.50 – $25 per 5 day work wk. > $50 – $100 per mo. > $600 – $1000 per yr.
    • Switch to 1 – 2 pounds of coffee at home per mo. $10 – $25 per mo. > $120 – $300 per yr.
  • Internet Bill ($30 – $65 per mo. = $360 – $780 per yr.)
    • Head down to your local public library. This will not only cut down your monthly bill, but also get you away from the distractions of your home.
  • Soda/Pop/Coke/etc… (Average consumption per wk: 12 pack $5.50 > $22 per mo. > $264 per yr.
    • Not only will this save you money but it will also increase your ability to lose some pounds.
  • Pack Your Lunch (Average Cost for Lunch out: $10 per day > $50 per wk. $200 per mo. > $2,400 per yr.
    • I bet you could pack a better lunch for $5 per day.
    • Also, when you know what you are packing you can pack a lighter fare and lose weight as well!

Total Saving per month: $229 – $407 (and I am sure you could find some more ways as well!)

A few ideas on the money saving tips??? If you have other tips on saving money each month. Please post a comment below!


2 ) Quit Staying Up Late

There are some exceptions to this rule. I know a few “night-owls” that get A LOT of productivity in the late hours of the night. But from inquiry I have found that this is not a sustainable habit, and will ultimately decrease your productivity. Also a study performed by Berkeley shows that weight gain has been found in correlation with staying up late.

Berkeley researchers analyzed longitudinal data from a nationally representative cohort of more than 3,300 youths and adults, and found that for every hour of sleep they lost, they gained 2.1 points on the BMI index. This gain occurred roughly over a five-year period.

Berkley News

Why are the night owls more inclined to gain wait?

  • The later you stay up the more opportunities you have to hit the snack cabinet
    • This will not only cause weight gain, but it will also cost you more money! by grabbing a few “low-cost” snacks in the evening you could be adding $3-$5 per day to your spending. Thats $84 – $140 per mo.!
    • Slamming energy drinks is a sure way to gain weight and mess up good quality sleeping patterns.
  • By going to bed “on time” say around 10pm you will cut out those night time snacking hours. If you want to wake up early, and you think, “Won’t I be hungry and eat when I wake up” Personally I can’t remember the last time a bag of Skittles, pretzels, or Doritos sounded good at 5:30am…

Staying up late can drain your productivity

Distractions, Distraction, Distractions… The predicament you slide into with staying up late, rather than waking up early, is the amount of distractions you encounter.

  • More people are awake in the night hours than in the morning hours.
    • Whether in your house, online, or out on the town there are many temptations to draw you away from the important work you are trying to accomplish.
    • When you get to bed early and get up early you are beating the rush, getting ahead of the pack, and intentionally placing yourself into a distraction free environment.
  • Consistency is the ultimate boost to your productivity.
    • I have found that most of the time I stayed up late it was to finish a project last minute. It was not a planned circumstance. Staying up late was a response to a situation. I HAD TO FINISH!
    • If you wake up early everyday at 5:30am you are guaranteed roughly 1.5 hours of quality work every weekday. Now, if you leave you productivity up to the whims of an evening that could be dangerous. How often do you get a text from a friend asking you to get coffee, swing by the bar, or go to a movie? If you have your set time in the morning. NO PROBLEM… I’ll be right over. But if you were hoping to use that time to be productive, you are now in a predicament.

*I know that I will get some comments about how you stay up late and you get sooooooo much done. If that’s you, awesome, keep it up. But I am trying to help those struggling with productivity to get a solid plan of action. I have found in my 9 years as a graphic designer, nothing quality comes after 10pm. So, I wake up early everyday and this is the one thing that has boosted my productivity through the years!

This leads me right into the next point…


3 ) Quit Failing to Plan Your Work Time

Insert Cliche quote NOW!…

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”

Benjamin Franklin

You have to stop failing to plan you work time. Freelance work is extremely important to me. It allows me to stretch my skills and grow my income. I take intentional steps in order to accomplish freelance work every single day. By the end of the week, I can look back and see a great portion of work accomplished. I don’t feel the pressure of work bingeing all weekend, pulling “all-nighters”, trying to play catch up.

Set a time that works for you. Stated previously in the asterisk above, some people find great productivity in the night hours. Great! If that works for you, keep it up. But I have found that my clearest thinking, least distracting and highest quality productivity comes in the morning hours. So I capitalize on these hours by planning a 4:25am wake up 6 days per week. (Learn how I mastered this routine here)


4 ) Stop following a makeshift plan

This is why Jobs in the Future exists.

We want to see you Get Motivated, Get Educated, and Get Deregulated. Unlock the regulation on your future opportunities. I have done this by placing my self intentional in positions where I can work hard, learn from the best, and grow in my craft. The most instrumental piece to my productivity has been to learn from the best. I don’t spend my time piecing together my education.

I find someone who is good at what I want to be good at and I learn from that person. I talked to friends, college pupils, and teachers, but since I graduated and now work a full time career I am unable to just sit down with some friends and learn new skills.

I needed a place I could go that would guarantee professionals in the industry ready and available to help me. Lynda.com has given me the ability to follow a plan of action that ends in the acquisition of new skills. The skills you will learn at lynda.com will increase your value and open doors to new opportunities.

And now that you are saving $229 – $407 per month you can invest that money into something that will truly change your life. Better yourself and your craft!









5 ) Quit Waiting to Be Inspired

When I first started pursuing a career in graphic design I thought great work came from some divine revelation. All the legendary artists, designers, and creatives alike were just struck with a lightening bolt of inspiration and they became masters at their craft. Wow, I was so wrong. I would wait and wait for inspiration to come, but it would never come. Thomas Edison said it perfectly,

“Creativity is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration”

Stop waiting for that perfect moment of inspiration or a divine passion to overcome you. It will never come! If you want to know what it takes to become great at your craft I would recommend reading two books that changed my perspective and work ethic forever!

So Good They Can’t Ignore You by Cal Newport

Mastery by Robert Greene

Becoming a master is about developing a true obsession with your craft. By becoming so insatiably curious about discovering more, working harder, and being willing to be bad until you become great.

  • Intentional Practice
  • Consistent Dedication
  • Quality Education (Lynda.com)



Get Motivated, Get Educated, Get Deregulated!

Thanks for Reading,

-Ben Kaiser