Honest Reviews: Should I Subscribe to Lynda.com

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Updated December 13th, 2017

Lynda.com is one of the longest, if not the longest, running suppliers of online training. Lynda, first began producing courses and selling them face-to-face. As the internet grew she began to offer her courses online through the virtual Lynda.com portal.

This is where her online training began to sky rocket. She was able to bring in more industry professionals and offer more courses. At the time of writing this review Lynda.com offers 6,243 online courses and they are continually growing!

Lynda.com was purchased by LinkedIn for $1.5 billion, that’s right, billion dollars. This shows just how serious this company is about producing highly valuable educational resources.

Lynda.com Courses : My Experience

I started taking courses from Lynda.com in 2013, while going to College at a brick and mortar institution. I needed extra help if creative problem solving, typography, and web design. I was receiving my masters in graphic design and I found that I was still lacking in vital skills to build high quality projects at a masters level. Lynda.com boosted my abilities almost overnight. Lynda.com gave me the exact training I needed, because the instruction was from industry professionals ready to share their knowledge on the exact subject I was struggling with.

I learned how to code my first fully responsive website in just over 2 weeks wit Lynda.com training.

1 ) Lynda is a subscription based platform that gives you access to their 6000+ tutorials. The greatest benefit of Lynda.com is the Learning Paths. Before I started my education with Lynda.com I would bounce around from site to site trying to patch together some makeshift web design education for myself. This was highly unprofitable for my learning as well as a huge time waster. I would spend hours searching the web and maybe only receive 30 minutes of good quality web design instruction.

With Lynda.com, I signed up, selected a course and was learning within 15 minutes!

Here is a video tour of that first website I built by working with the instruction from Lynda.com


Lynda.com Courses: How it Works

You can get started with a free 30 day trial which is a fantastic way to find out how great it is to learn at Lynda.com

After that it is only $30 per month for the premium membership. I highly recommend the premium membership because it includes all the “working with” project files that help you easily follow along. Otherwise you waste your time building (and possible messing up) everything from scratch.

Once you sign up you will have access to all of the Lynda.com courses. Here are some of the benefit I have found to be incredible to me over the bast 5 years.

  • Immediately apply your learning to real world projects.
    • Constantly learn new skills and techniques for your employer and freelance clients.
    • Turn education into action!
  • Save Time and Money:
    • With such a vast portfolio of courses you don’t have to search the internet for hours to find a reputable course. Everything is set up and ready to go for you to start learning.
    • What higher education institution can you go to where you can learn from the best in the industry for $30 per month?! No where, no one can hold a candle to this.
  • Continuing education while working a full time job.
    • I work a full time job, have freelance clients, and post an article 6 days a week on Jobsinthefuture.com. I have a lot going on but I still want to keep learning. With Lynda.com I am able to also learn new skills weekly even with my extremely busy schedule!
  • Increase your paycheck by increasing your resume!
    • Companies are caring less and less for the degree you hold and more and more for the skills you possess.
    • I have been able to see a direct correlation between my online training and my income. Before I started working with lynda.com I was constantly having to say no to web design and ebook publishing clients (just to name a few), but now I can except these clients and even more with confidence!


Lynda.com Course: Honest Review Cons

This would not be an honest review if I did not give you a few of the cons I see with Lynda.com. Lynfrda.com is one of the highest recommended course from Jobs in the Future when it comes to design, creativity, business, coding/development, etc… But I have found that, as with most companies, they can’t be amazing at everything!

  • They don’t feature every subject of your hearts desire
    • Now, they do feature A LOT, but they do not dive into everything.
    • For instance they do not get into the sciences or mechanical engineering.
    • Lynda.com is focused on the creative fields.
      • Design, web, motion graphics, illustration, app development, music, etc…
  • Not updated daily
    • Because of the sheer scale of Lynda.com they do not release new courses daily.
    • But as they continue to grow in personnel I have seen the volume of courses increase dramatically.
  • They do not have a dedicated online community
    • They do not feature any forums for members to chat back and forth inside the Lynda.com portal.
    • But with LinkedIn now being the owner of Lynda.com you can take to LinkedIn and possible contact the author of the course. How amazing is that. You could talk to the professional instructor!
    • Is this a con, kinda, but not really. Because Lynda is owned by LinkedIn you can work around this easily.

While Lynda.com does have a few downsides it has the most extensive library of any online course provider for the creative fields on the web. Which is why it has been my number one choice to learning new skills as a designer.

This video from Lynda.com will give you some guidance on how to make the most of your learning experience!














“A year from now you may wish you had started today.” – Karen Lamb

Don’t make the mistake of putting off learning new skills. Get started right now. Sign up for the free 30 day trial. Take that step towards committing to investing in your future. Personally I don’t want to be the old man saying, “If I was your age I would have”… I want to be the one saying, “I’m not your age, but I am learning more than you!” 

Jump in now!