Amazon Web Services (AWS) Vs. Azure (Microsoft) What is the Difference for Beginners

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Updated December 12th, 2017

Today we are going to quickly discern what Cloud service you should pursue as someone interested in getting started in Cloud Computing, development, engineering, etc…

Starting off with the basics, what does each service offer?

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  • Content Delivery and Storage
  • Computing
  • Networking
  • Database


Azure (Microsoft)

  • Data Management and Databases
  • Computing
  • Networking
  • Performance


The greatest advantage of learning to become knowledgable in cloud computing is the ability to deploy multiple versions of the same application to different end users from the same core product.

Let’s say you have an application that helps streamline shopping cart and checkout for online stores. Having you application deployed via cloud will allow you to service multiple companies. You can customize the front-end to resemble the companies branding, while the back end can remain the same to save you time and money. So, you could deploy your app to Target, Amazon, Zappos, and Ebay with the same back-end but give the user an entirely different feel with the front-end depending on which site the application was accessed on.

Apps in Azure

Both Azure and AWS have great tools for developing and deploying apps. Azure has made it easier for companies who want to migrate onto the cloud from internal server side systems. They have been involved in creating hybrid clouds to help companies quickly get started on pre-built platforms through data migration rather than building from the ground up. Microsoft has holds an advantage to Amazon as they have been in the IT industry much longer. They understand the need for a company to upgrade systems and they have experience with the process.

Apps in AWS

While Amazon realizes that they need to get moving in the hybrid cloud sector they are still a little bit behind.


Market Share AWS Vs. Azure

At the time of this writing Amazon Web Services Leads the pack in Cloud control.

  • Amazon Web Services 31% of the Cloud market
  • Azure 11% of the Cloud Market
  • the the other 58% of the market is made up of various other cloud service providers.
    • But Amazon and Azure hold the largest market share


Features and Benefits

When you break it down each company has a little niche here and a little niche there. But comparing apples to apples they both have highly competitive offerings for Cloud servicing. Amazon entered the market 4 years ahead of Azure, which gives them the advantage of experience in the industry, but Azure has also had the benefit of learning from any mistakes that Amazon has made in creating its cloud services.

Which Cloud Service should you Learn???

With Amazon holding a great deal of the market share you can’t go wrong there, but that doesn’t mean Azure is not a worthy contender. Let’s consider the following statistics, as of April 2017:

  • 100 Million Mac Users
  • 400 Million PC Users

Now, with that in mind consider how many businesses are running Microsoft oriented products. When you look at it that way you can estimate that Azure will quickly gain market share in cloud services over the next five years.

What Operating System are you comfortable in?

If you are a die hard Mac user, than perhaps Amazon Web Services would fit your bill. But if you have spent most of your times in Microsoft products than you will most likely find Azure far more compatible with your preferences.

That is a very simple breakdown of AWS Vs. Azure

The Choice is Yours!

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Start Learning Cloud Computing Today


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