Four Tips on How to Nail Your Morning Routine with Maximum Productivity

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Updated December 9th, 2017

Setting up a morning routine is the best way I have found to consistently accomplish highly valuable work. Think about it. Imagine accomplishing more high quality work while your contemporaries sleep than most of them accomplish in an entire day! The morning hours of my day are distraction-free, quite, and energizing. How is 4:30am energizing? It is all about organizing your morning and putting guides in place to maximize the way you work!

Here are my four key Tips on How to Nail Your Morning Routine with Maximum Productivity:


1 ) Get Set Up the Night Before

This all started because my office is directly on the other side off my bedroom. I didn’t want to make a ruckus, being that my wife is still asleep each morning when I wake up. So I started setting out my things, having everything set and ready to go for my morning routine. This maximizes productivity because I am able to decide the night before what I will work on as soon as I wake up, jump straight into my work, and save my crucial decision making skills for actually work! I put out my laptop, water cup, headphones, charger, cords, literally every little piece I will need for the next morning. I also write down the first thing I am going to do when I open my computer to start working.

The reason many people get bogged down in their morning routine is because the wake up without a plan.

Four Tips on How to Nail Your Morning Routine with Maximum Productivity






















Each morning I:

  • Wake up at 4:25am
  • Stretch
  • Drink one glass of fresh Berkey Water
  • Set my time clock (I track my time to understand how to charge for my design services)
  • Start working!
  • I usually work until 6:30am


2 ) Fill Your Morning with Proactive Work NOT Reactive Work

Each morning I open my computer and attack the item that I wrote down the night before. Usually it is “Write Article X” (the action I am performing right now at 5:15am) or “Post Article Y”. I decide the night before what the topic of my article will be. I have already accomplished my research, except maybe some extra details I will fill in. I work on articles or posts in order to avoid distraction. I can get off on rabbit trails VERY quickly. In order to stay focused I work on assignments that DO NOT require me to google search, respond to emails/comments, or make key decisions. 

Don’t fall into the trap of reactive work!

What I mean by reactive work:

  • Responding to Emails
  • Google Search (as your very first activity)
    • If you have a need to refresh a statistic that’s fine, but don’t get carried away. This will squash your productivity.
  • Responding to Comments on your blog or other media platforms
  • FB, Instagram, or any other social media.
    • In the morning you want to be a contributor of content not a consumer!

Proactive work examples:

  • Writing Articles
  • Posting Articles
  • Online Education
  • Any sort of work within your industry…
    • Writing Paper, drafting designs, writing up a contract, prepping for your medical patients, etc…
  • Exercise! (If you like to get up and immediately do so (I personally DO NOT)


3 ) Understand your mental and physical capacities

This one may be the more difficult of the tips because of personal preferences, but it is absolutely one of the most beneficial. The proactive examples listed above are all fairly different from each other, because each of us are unique. When I started waking up early I thought that I needed to workout, because I read about ALL of the famous entrepreneurs who woke up early and hit the gym (YAAA!!! high-five, chest beat, stoked METERRRR!) I thought, “man, I gotta get all jacked up in the morning to jump into my day”. But this didn’t work for me I found myself dreading waking up in the morning and really tired throughout the day. So, I decided to just write and post articles in my AM hours, and work out over my lunch break.

Make sure the activity you are performing you can focus on deeply, enjoy in the moment, and accomplish each morning. For me this is writing and posting articles. When I close my computer at 6:30am I know that I have already put a huge dent into my day! This is inspiring to me. It cause me to work harder at my day job and feel energized by my morning routine.


4 ) Have all the right tools

This is crucial. In order to maximize my productivity I set up my work station to eliminate distraction, give me space to spread out my digital work, and energize me.

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What are some things that help you maximize your morning routine? I want to know what is working for you! Please teach me your tips and tricks!

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