How to Increase Your Income in One Hour a Day of Skill Development

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Updated December 7, 2017

In order to increase your income with one hour a day of skill development there are three key ingredients you must have. As a graphic designer I noticed a lot of my clients asking about web design. In our internet centered culture everyone is looking to get online. I was hesitant at first. I did not know how I was going to learn, but I knew I needed to, and FAST!  The road to failure is paved with good intentions.

You need to have an action oriented plan that you can follow daily! That is what I did, I made a plan! I enrolled in and started to build my skill arsenal. It was the best decision I have made in my career. Developing web design skills has given me a direct increase in my client work and income.

1 ) Have a Course/Program to Follow

Don’t try to patch together a makeshift course of your own by surfing random blogs and videos to learn the skills you are trying to learn. In order to maximize the quality of your one hour per day you want to have a course that you are able to log into every day and follow it step by step. If you are spending 10-15 minutes everyday just trying to find what you are looking to learn you are loosing valuable time and not achieving direct results to increase your income.

When I started learning web design I immediately went to and started a course called WordPress Essentials. Once I finished that course I took Junior WordPress Developer in order to deepen my knowledge of the technology. While I was taking this course I noticed the need for HTML, so I filled in the gaps with some of the other great web design tutorials on Lynda.

If you are not learning skills you are not reaching the potential to increase your income. This is why I have always gone the route of courses. Each time I login I can pick up right where I left off.


2 ) What Skills Should You Learn to See an Increase in Your Income?

Look at your current skillset. What are some correlating skills sets that will add value to your clients or employer. Like I said, I am a graphic designer, so I chose web design because I was already being asked to design websites I was simply missing the skills needed. Perhaps you are in marketing, or financial management. Adding data analytics to your skillset would be extremely beneficial to your business knowledge. Right now business analysts are in huge demand. Taking a course from would give you the ability to branch out into a higher paying sector of your field.

If you do not like your current field than start exploring other areas of interest and see what catches your attention. There are a lot of inspiring jobs reviews even right here on our blog reel! Go and check some of them out right now! Jobs in the Future Blog


3 ) Dedicate an Amount a Specific Hour Per Day to Learn the Material

You know the skills you want to learn, you’ve picked your course, and now it is time to learn the skills one day at a time. You see this plan will work, but you must have consistency. If you can put in 7+ hours of learning per week your will see a dramatic increase in your skills.

Set a time each day, THE EXACT SAME TIME, and learn the skills. For me, I wake up at 4:35am each day and spend 1.5-2 hours on my learning. What times works for you? Pick a time and stick to it!


In order to increase your income you have to start! You can’t just wish your way into a better opportunity you must develop the skills. If your know what it is, than use our resources page to get yourself connected to online educational courses! This also helps us continue to write articles and inspire action!

Jobs in the Future Resources

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