Should I Learn How to Code in Python?

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Updated December 5, 2017

Should I learn how to code in python?

I am talking about learning more about python today because I had a client come into my office who asked me if I could engineer a mobile application infrastructure. He is wanting to create an app that would allow multiple affiliates for his products to have a network to share, promote, and sell products.

I am proficient in a number of coding languages, but I have yet to develop a deep understanding and proficiency in python, which I would use to help him create this application. One thing I have learned throughout my years of client work as a designer is that you should never tell a client you CAN’T do something. You should ALWAYS ask a lot of questions to see if you could either:

  • Figure it out by trial and error.
  • Learn the program or language needed to fulfill the project.
  • Ask for a longer project completion date allowing you to learn the necessary skills via online education.

I cannot count how many times a client has approached me with an idea that I was excited about but had zero skills to fulfill it. Within a week I purchased a course and learned the skills necessary. And a month later I was able to deliver the project with great results.

I am not telling you to lie to your client, telling them that you are the best app developer or photoshop guru. What I am saying is that you need to be willing and ready to learn new skills in order to continue to build your arsenal of skills.

Perhaps your industry is not design, development, or any sort of tech at all, but what you need to be sure of is that you are insatiably curious within your industry. Always be ready to learn new skills.

The key to future proofing your career is your ability to learn valuable skills that people will pay you to perform! I think this is pretty obvious, but you would be amazed how many people remain unemployed simply because they are unwilling to learn something new.

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The Current Python developer is making anywhere from $73k – $120k per year according to glassdoor.

And the great thing about learning python is that it will open you mind to have the ability to learning more languages. Python is the gateway drug of computer programming languages! 

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Should I Learn How to Code in Python

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