How To Future Proof Your Income!…Are You Ready For Change?

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Thanks for tuning into this article today!

Earlier today I came across a post from Lifehacker that really made me stop and think about my own skill set. Am I growing in my skill set? Am I making myself more valuable every single day?

You realize this is what it is going to take if you want to secure a job in the future and ultimately secure an income to support yourself and/or you family in the future!

I have committed over the past two years to learn a new piece of skill (kind of a funny thought/phrase) that will help create more value for my current and future employer. I have not succeeded at this EVERY SINGLE DAY, but it is a daily goal of mine.

You need to start doing this! ===> You need to start developing your skills in your current job and in the future. This will decrease your risk of lay-off and/or increase your opportunity for higher pay and a more enjoyable job!

After you read the article come back to jobs in the future and check out our resources page! We recommend only the best online education on the market. The very place that I am constantly building skills to future proof my own career as a designer!

Here is the article from Lifehacker: How to Future Proof Your Career…

Looking forward to seeing you secure your job now and in the future.


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