What is Machine Learning in Data Analytics – Data Science Jargon for Beginners

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Updated November 30, 2017

Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and automation have received a lot of attention lately right along side data analytics. What do these new technologies mean? And which one of them is related to the data science industry?

I am glad you asked! In this simple, easy to understand article, I will explain! Machine Learning, the technique in data science that allows you to create automatic analysis models, algorithms, and processes.

Machine learning are algorithms set up in the database to predict how your client will act when on you website. For instance when you are viewing a product on amazon they will suggest other products that you may like or find useful to go along with the product. Basically the database is feed a ton of information through data that has been collected over a determined amount of time. The database uses this data to predict the actions of its participants. The system (Machine Learning Model) then asses the situation and takes action based on the provided information. The system is built by a programmer to produce a certain result. The action must be checked often by live programer to ensure consistency. Once the programmer can produce a certain level of predictability then the Machine Learning function can run on its own producing a high volume of value for its client.

So what is all this “LEARNING” jargon about. Is the machine really spying, learning, and becoming a super power? Well not exactly, but kind of… You see when the term “learning” is used in the data science industry it is indicating that the algorithm or process is reliant upon a specific dataset. It pulls information from past actions of buyers on amazon, for instance, to know how the current or future buyers will respond. The more buyers the more information. The more information the better the prediction, hence the machine “learns” more.

In a nutshell Machine Learning is based off of previous data on a database. As the data grows the machine has more data to create a more accurate prediction.

The longer a human being lives the more qualified he/she is to make decisions. Same Idea. So don’t get all scared about the term “machine learning”. It is only using the data it is fed to formulate decisions based on statistical analysis.


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