What is SQL in Data Analytics – Data Science Jargon for Beginners

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Updated November 28, 2017

Previously we defined what a database was, and if you missed that article click here, then come back and read about SQL. It is important that you understand each one and their relation.

What is SQL? Structured Query Langauge

  • Structure: Database or an organized collection of items, specifically data for our situation.
  • Query: The way in which you call an item or information out from a database or collection to be accessed.
    • In the physical world I would say, “I queried my friend Jim about the steak sandwich he eat at the new restaurant in Bronx.” I gathered information from him.
  • Language: A specific dialect in which you can communicate (whether that be systems or people).
    • In the computer science world: Python, Java Script, HTML5, etc…

Once you breakdown SQL it is a very simple concept for a complex system. You are simply extracting data from a very large database. You are using that data to help companies formulate a plan of action for their business.

SQL = Structure: Database full of data, Query: you call out the data, Language: using a computer science language.


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