What is Data Mining – Data Science Jargon for Beginners

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Updated November 25, 2017

Data Mining. This term is nearly self explanatory, but let’s dig into it (haha, dig into it, data mining) and define data mining a little more to clarify any details.

Data Miners explore large sets of data in order to discover patterns in the sets. Data miners look for patterns in order to define medical, buying habits, food shortages, etc…

If you are going into the field of Data Analytics you will most certainly be doing a great deal of data mining. Data mining is a mass scale version of looking through thousands of people’s daily biographies. What I mean by “looking through people’s biographies” is you will be trying to understand how people are responding the the situation you are researching via data.

Let’s say your company releases a new drug to the market. This drug has been tested to stop the process of breakdown in joints that often leads to rheumatoid arthritis. Your drug ships out to 10,000 trial patients. Now you have a 10,000 person data set to manage. As the trial operates and the patients report their daily experience with the new drug you are being flooded with data about the drug. It is your job as the data miner to find the patterns and insights in order to accurately determine whether the drug is safe or not, the drug needs improvements, or perhaps the drug is not as effective as the company had hoped.

In a nutshell data mining is a data analysts daily routine of researching data sets in order to learn from the data.

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