What is Daas – Data as a Service? – Data Science Jargon for Beginners

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Updated November 22, 2017

At the organization I work for we use a database and analytics software (Blackbuad) that helps us track our partners donation accounts. This software accumulates donations data and formulates it into use-able information for our partners. This in turn allows our partners to know exactly where their donations are coming from. They can reach out to large donors, focus on specific marketing strategies that yield high donations, and cut those that waste resources.

This is the power of Daas/or Data-as-a-Service.

Daas simply understood is data as a product. DaaS providers, like the company we use, give our subscribers realtime access to data in a way that is translatable to the average joe. Through an online portal our partners can view charts, graphs, and reports on the processed data of their specific account.

DaaS is how most of the world interacts with data on a daily basis.

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