An Insatiable Curiosity is the Key to Creativity and Innovation

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Updated November 16, 2017

Curiosity will take you beyond the status quo. It is the path towards innovation and creativity. Curiosity is fearless in the face of adversity because is it less concerned with success and more concerned discovery.

That is why curiosity is so powerful. Curiosity does not fear failure because it is not trying to prove a point, gain notoriety, or make $1,000,000 the only thing curiosity is concerned with is learning, discovering and innovating.

What did the English man have to gain by trying to find the new world? Fame, maybe. Prestige, sure. Death, imminently. The only thing that makes it semi-sensible is just an insatiable curiosity.

My struggles with curiosity…

I am a very curious person. I love to unearth new ideas. It is exciting for me to discover the latest tech innovation, science breakthrough, or overnight success story. Things like this fuel my curiosity radar to the max!

BUT, I have found a flaw. I have discovered that I am more often anxious than truly curious.

This is a big problem.

Curiosity: A strong desire to know or learn something

Anxious: Wanting something very much (to the point of fear that one will be without), typically with a feeling of unease.

At first glance these two disposition could appear unrelated, but let’s dig into the sub conscious to unearth the true feelings and motivators. Lately I have been working on developing my skills in web design. There are two ways to thinking about learning new things. Examples:

1 ) How can I create a calendar to auto fill dates from a google drive folder in order to have it easily updated by the administrative assistant rather than going in and recoding it every time myself.

2 ) I need to learn how to work this calendar. If I do I can add this to my skill set and that will give me the ability to get more clients and earn more money. I need more money because I want more things and since I want more things I need to get better and better at this skill. So, I am going to get really good at web design. I will have lots of clients and I will be able to earn lots of money!

Above is a simplified example of curiosity vs anxiety.

You see how the first example is simply wanting to learn a new aspect of website design. The second example lost interest in the actual problem, became more interested in how the skill would benefit his/her check book, and ultimately lost focus and what he/she was doing in the first place.

Curiosity can be disrupted by anxiety causing us to lose focus on learning, breakthrough and ultimately innovation.

Curiosity is the gateway to building new skills. Anxiety will leave us stressed out, discontent, and skill-less.


Thanks for tuning in today. I was going through these feelings this week and knew that I needed to share this with y’all. Don’t be deceived by your anxieties, but rather pursue deeply your curiosities. I am not sure what curiosities you are experiencing, but don’t let them slide through your fingers like the sands of the beach. Nurture your curiosities. Keep striving towards new skills that will take you on a path of creativity and innovation.

I know you, like myself you are curious about what skills are becoming increasingly valuable in this ever-changing world. Well, I have done the research and compiled it in my eBook, The Ultimate Guide to Future Proof Your Career. It would be an honor to help you on your journey of curiosity. If you already know what you want to do than head over to our resources Page to get started leaning skill and receiving qualified education from the best in the industry.

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