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Updated November 11 2017

Deciding to make a career change can be intimidating. There are uncertainties arising from every corner of your mind.

I’m sure you are asking yourself, “Is this even possible. What career should I choose, how can I truly prepare myself in order to make a successful transition, will I even be good at this new career, better yet will I even like it?”

These are reasonable concerns. These are the questions we receive everyday when individuals, like yourself, reach out to Jobs in the Future trying to develop a plan for their future career.

Before we jump into why it is the perfect time to make a career change I want to tell you a quick story from a former professor of Columbia University.

David Helfand holds a PhD. in Astrophysics and served as the Chair of the Department of Astronomy while at Columbia. During his time at Columbia he taught a class on Astrophysics. It was during this time that he took a day to teach a 4th grade class about the wonders of the cosmos and the beauty of astronomy. The 4th graders were mesmerized. They were amazed by the fascinating images he showed them of stars and black holes. He elaborated on galaxies, the colors of the cosmos, and the gases that produce the beautiful colors.

When he finished his presentation every hand shot up in the room, two hands per child. They had loads and loads of questions for him. The curiosity of the 4th graders insatiable. They wanted to know so much more about the incredible wonders of the universe. The curiosity was so strong that the teacher had to drag the children out of the classroom in order to make it in time for their lunch period. Think about college today, lunch is usually their favorite “subject” of the day.

Dr. Helfand packed up his presentation and headed back to Columbia University to teach his first year college students the same class concerning Astronomy. As he walked into the class there were students looking at Facebook, some have asleep on their desk, and others gathered chatting about the latest pop-culture event.

As he called class to begin and started his lecture he noticed that the interest of the room did not increase as it did when he taught the 4th graders only an hour before. His first year college students remained daftly uninterested. He stopped his lecture, scanned the students, and posed a very obscure questions…

“Why aren’t you more like forth graders?”

The students not aware of the rhetorical nature of the question began to raise their hands and give out answers. After fielding a number of questions one students in the front row, who had previously been contemplating all of the answers, made an insightful statement.

“I am paying for a degree not an education”

What a statement. When I first heard this story I was truly flabbergasted. But then I thought of my own disposition when I first arrived at college and it was quite the same. Until I caught up with life and maturity I hadn’t realized life brings you ever-changing problems to solve and a great need to develop skills to solve them.

Why Right Now is the Best Time for a Career Change?…


Well as you can see the current generation of college students are more interested in obtaining degrees and status than developing actual skills to set themselves apart in the ever-increasing competition of the global job market.

If college is all about getting a degree to these students than who is going to actually develop the skills needed to take on careers in the tech, medical, and agricultural industries. Industries that are becoming increasingly available to those possessing the skills. Did you know that according the the Milken Institute there are going to be 50 – 70 million jobs that may go unfilled because we will not have skilled individuals to fill them?

Why is it the perfect time for a career change?

Because there are millions of college students trying to get degrees that in the end will not help them obtain a job if they are unequipped for the skilled work of the future. They are more concerned with the degree, thinking that a piece of paper will earn them a job rather than a rock-solid skill set.

How can you benefit from the current temperature of the job market?

Since you already know what it takes to get a job and to keep that job (developing your skills and bettering yourself in order to increase your value). You are already ahead of the curve. You know its not about paper, it’s about raw skill!

So, while all of the hipsters wait for their paper, you can be developing skills to make the switch into a new career.


Online Education is the key to a successful career change.

One of the biggest roadblocks keeping people like yourself from making the leap is time. You are either a full time family man/woman, working way to many jobs, or you have a lot of volunteer responsibilities that you don’t want to give up on.

Online education allows you the ability to develop skills as fast as you are able to, and the quality has never been better. Right now you have the opportunity to learn from ivy league universities and top professionals within the industry of your interest.

  • Time
  • Professionalism
  • Expertise
  • Credability
  • Quality

You have the opportunity to tap into the best educational resources in the world from anywhere you can find an internet connection. With some focus, determination and hard work your career change is closer than you realized.

Where do you start developing skills to make the transition?

Choosing the right career is about knowing three important factors:

  • What is available in the current job market?
  • What has a high value of future potential (what job will not be gone in 5 years due to innovation).
  • What skills are you willing to learn.

Now, if you already know what career you are ready to shift into, but you haven’t started building skills, you are in the right place. Head on over to the resources page to select the online education that best fits you.

Jobs in the Future Resources Page…

You must take a little bit of time to survey the job market, advancements in technology and your willingness to work hard.

The great thing for you is here at Jobs in the Future I have already taken care of the first two points.

I have done the research on current job openings, how to spot future job opportunities and what it takes to learn the skills you need. download The Ultimate Guide to Future Proof Your Career on me! I have put a lot of work into this guide and I want to see you utilize this to succeed in your educational and career pursuits.

After you read through that, stay up to date on all of our latest posts to see if any jobs peek your interest. More than anything don’t sit stagnant in the decision stage. Every day that passes is another day that pushes you further and further away from landing a job now with great future potential.

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