How to Succeed in Online Education – Tips For a Career Change with Online Classes

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Without these three tips you will fail in online education!

Imagine developing skills every single evening. You just finished a nice meal. If you have children, they are being put to bed, and you crack open your computer to the most powerful URL you will ever visit. Within this URL you are leveraging the power to set yourself free. You are harnessing the ability to choose what career you want to have.

You will not be told how to work and where to go! Why? Because you are earning the strips that will unlock the freedom of choice!

You are on the path to success. But don’t get to cocky. It takes intentional preparation and a defined plan to succeed in your mission to career freedom!

Three Tips for a Successful Online Educational Experience:

1 ) Consistency

Often times people get really excited about the NEW AND POWERFUL skills they are going to develop, but because of various circumstances they fail achieve the skills they are striving towards. Online education is an amazing opportunity if you are raising family or perhaps you are working 3 or 4 jobs. It allows you the flexibility to fit you skill development education into your own schedule.

But this can come with a negative aspect because you lose the consistency of a professor telling you that you need to come to class, your course work is due, or you haven’t been to class in over a month…NOT GOOD.

This takes me to my second tip for a successful online education.

2 ) Set up a Regiment for yourself and follow it to the T!

To have a successful online education and develop the skills you need to get the job you are striving after, you need to set up a schedule for yourself. You are going to want to map out a schedule of when you will watch each lesson and when the assignment is due. You want to set deadlines! Otherwise you will get off track and lose valuable time. You could say to yourself, “I am just working on this at my own pace, and I will get done when I get done…”

But that is NOT good enough. You are setting yourself up for failure, because the key to learning is repetition. It is getting into your courses consistently. Every single day, two to three days a week, etc…

You have to finish the course. The only thing standing between you and the career you are striving after is the lack of skills that you possess. You are going to change that! You are going to develop the skills you need and get the career you deserve. It will take dedication, consistency, and focus.

And that leads me into my final tip for a successful online education.

3 ) Don’t try to patch together your own educational path with a myriad of resources.

When I first wanted to learn Objective-C I picked up a book…

This is a good resource if you want to learn Objective-C Programming. But the problem for me was that I picked up this book, I found an online course, I read blog posts, AND I watched youtube videos. Before i knew it I had over 20 different resources teaching me over 20 different ways to learn Objective-C. This is not a good technique. It will land you in a holding pattern from information overload.

You want to decide on an online course and stick with that course till completion. The great benefit of taking an online course is that it gives you a projected path to follow. If you are stuck you might ask your course instructor for help. If you are wanting to learn any computer science skills has a 24×7 service that allows you to ask for help in your course!

Now you could also lightly supplement a youtube video here or there in order to get a little bit different perspective. If you are stuck at one point in your course this can be helpful, but don’t make this a habit! Stay the course.

Our goal here at Jobs in the Future is to help you on the path to successful skill development that will get you the job you are striving after!

You will find a great deal of resources to select the online educational tools.

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