Online Education Doesn’t Work – Does Online Education Not Work?

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Updated November 7, 2017

To Say that online education doesn’t work is an extreme blanket statement that refuses to consider the statistics behind such claims.

I personally have received my Bachelors degree in Graphic Design and a three year terminal Masters degree in in the practice of Graphic Design. I received these degrees from a brick and mortar college, so I am a strong advocate of traditional college programs.

But, I have also been taking online courses for the past fours years. I started taking online courses while in college receiving my Masters degree. I took numerous online courses from and I have received some of my most valuable technical skills from online educational courses.

Statistics show the reason why some people are claiming that online doesn’t work.

It is noted by the Milken institute in a discussion on higher education:

  • 56% viewed less than half the content
  • 35% Registered but viewed no content
  • 5% Earned the certificate
  • 4% Explored half or more of the courses without earning a certificate

The question we should be asking ourselves is not “does online education work”, but “Am I willing to work for online education”

The problem is not the courses but the lack of motivation on the part of those signing up to take the courses.

If anyone enrolls at a brick and mortar university, doesn’t show up to even half the lectures, and never reads the book, do you think they are going to pass? Most likely not. This is a gross exaggeration that online education doesn’t work.

Online education has provided myself and many others the opportunity to build skills while working a full time job and carrying on the duties of family life. It is an incredible opportunity to advance your career or make a complete career change at minimal cost.

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