What are the 3 Future Industries for the Best Jobs – Ted Talk by Alec Ross (My Review)

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Updated November 3, 2017

The industries of the future are upon us right now, just like the boom of the internet revolution in the mid 2000’s.

You have the opportunity right now to start working in the industries of the future. Some of the jobs in these industries do not even require college degrees, but rather certifications that equip you with the skills to land these jobs.

So, what are the industries of the future that you should be preparing yourself to succeed within.

1 ) Big Data Analytics ($55k – $75k)

2 ) Cyber Security ($60k – $80k)

3 ) Genomics


You have been made aware of the industries of the future. It is time to begin pursuing these industries to ensure that the future generation has an example of hardworking individuals who do what it takes to grasp opportunity.

Educational Resources for the Industries of the Future:

Big Data Analytics Masters Certification

master app development with online tutorials and courses

Go from zero knowledge to Big Data Qualified in just a few weeks with this full mastery program from edureka.

Edureka is quickly heading towards becoming one of the largest online providers of educational resources to equip people with skills in order to excel in the technology realms of the job/skills market.

The Have received Recognition from:


Finding You Cybersecurity Career Path

This course offered by Edx.org is the perfect step towards a career in cyber security.

Often, the daunting task of a career change is deciding what path to set off on. There are over 32 different types of cybersecurity to choose from. This can be extremely overwhelming.This course with edx will guide you towards the path that best suits your likes and abilities! Like I said, a perfect launching point for cybersecurity.

About edX.org

Founded in 2012 by Harvard and MIT edX.org is a leading force in the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) industry. They have more than 90 partners around the world ranking as the top education resources in their fields.

edX.org is constantly revising their courses and teaching strategy to ensure the highest quality courses possible. They look analyze the learners involvement, time spent on each video, as well as the review and employment rate from the learners of each course. They don’t simply want to offer courses, they want to offer training and skill development that actually makes a tangible difference in the future work force!


Analyze Your Genome with this course in Genomics

Are you interested in analyzing biological datasets but don’t have a strong computational background? Do you want to focus on the biology and learn how to use modern best-practice pipelines that use existing tools? This introductory course, geared towards non-computational biologists, will introduce a specific biological problem each week centered around next generation sequencing and teach you how to use Illumina’s BaseSpace platform to run workflows conveniently and in a user-friendly manner.

You will learn current best-practice workflows for Genome Assembly, Variant Calling, Trio Analysis, and Differential Expression Analysis as well as the types of biological problems that motivate them.

This course from the University of California San Diego is again another fantastic way to get started in one of the industries of the future. This industry is growing quickly. It is past its infancy and gaining momentum. Now is the time to dive into an industry that combines technical data and life sciences.




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