Fast Company Magazines’ Top Jobs in 2025 Job List Article Blitz (How to Get the Top Jobs in the Future)

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Updated October, 31st 2017

Recently Fast Company Magazine put out an article highlighted the projected jobs of 2025.

This article caught my attention with its vast diversity of Job picks. Normally when companies post what they perceive will be the Jobs in the Future we see three main picks: Health Care, Computer Programming, and Sales.

Over the days to come I will be reviewing each of these future job opportunities and showing you the best path to develop your skills and grasp a future job opportunity!

Fast Company takes a different route on this list and hones in on one sector of the job market in specific.

The Design Field: But not your standard graphic design, web design and app design.

Fast company gets deep, as an deep learning, augmented reality, fusionist, and all sorts of other funky opportunities that you thought were only available to Trekkies!

Come on board as we discover the future of design oriented jobs and how to get educated, develop skills, and get the Jobs in the future!

Here is a link to the Fast Company Article I will be reviewing:

Fast Company: Important Design Jobs

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