How to Avoid Online Education Scams – Beware of Un-Qualified Tutorials and Courses

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Updated October 25, 2017

Jobs in the Future is a wealth of knowledge concerning educational tools that help you build skills and land the top jobs now and in the future. We realize that college is getting more expensive yet all the while experts in the field like Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Pete Thiel are continually telling us that the value of the institution is decreasing at an incredibly fast pace.

So, you’re in a jam, but what do you do?

Jobs in the Future as Three criteria when selecting a high quality online education.


The first and crucial step to your career path now and in the future. Here at Jobs In The Future we recommend online educational paths with the highest level of quality. Our recommendations must meet three specific criteria: Credibility, Expertise, and Review.


Credibility: The course offered must be from a well established online educational portal, recognized as a high-quality provider of education and skill development. Or a highly qualified brick and mortar college/university offering online classes.

Expertise: The courses are taught by experts in the specific field you will be studying. They have achieved great recognition in their field, and/or have obtained a high degree of excellence in the educational community on the specific subject or skill.

Review: The online educational portal or brick and mortar college/university has received high accolades from their graduates. The graduates from these programs, tutorials, or courses have been able to successfully acquire jobs in their desired field and/or have been able to build projects that display the expertise of the skill they developed.

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