How to Become a Robotics Engineer with Tutorials and Training Courses for Beginners

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Updated October 24, 2017

Becoming a Robotics Engineer will truly set you apart as an individual with an eye on the future!

The time is already here, robotics engineers are being called on from all facets of the workforce, but don’t worry it is not to late to dive into this incredible opportunity.

The Salary for a Robotics Engineer has ability to start at around 50k and top off somewhere in the 200k range!

You know you want to get started in robotics? Don’t wait a moment longer.

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What is developing in robotics and why get involved?

It is clear that robots are changing the way we live. Consider the airport kiosk, or automatic tellers machines (ATMs). These are not iRobot creations walking around in the same way as humans, but they have taken the place of the human presence and they have automated a task that was performed by a human for decades, even centuries.

Airport Kiosks and Automatic Teller Machines are technological advancements that we have become very familiar with. In fact, if you ask most people I am sure they find these “robots” very convenient, and they are grateful for them. Looking into the future robotics is growing at an exponential rate and the technology that is developing will bring more opportunities to humans rather than the fear of stealing away opportunities.

Self driving cars will give people hours a day back to read books, learn new skills, or simply catch up on some rest on the commutes around town. Industrial robots will replace workers in extreme hazardous situations. Consider the 12,000 people that die each year excavated and mining the precious resources we use to power the earth (coal, oil, and other minerals). This number could be drastically lowered.

Getting involved in robotics right now will position you to make these crucial changes to help make the world a safer and more innovative place. History shows that with the ushering in of technology more jobs were created, not taken away as doomsday futurist continue to preach from their soapboxes.


Skills Needed to Become a Robotics Engineer

  • MATLAB: The standard robotics programming environment.
    • You should know how to use this tools to write functions, calculate vectors and produce visualizations.
  • Understand how to apply linear algebra, geometry, and group theory tools to configure and control the motion of manipulators and mobile robots.
  • C/C++ and/or python skills to run programs and run systems checks.
  • Background in Linux operating system
  • Hands on troubleshooting of both hardware and software
  • Development of Cloud applications like Azure or AWS
  • Bachelors degrees are usually listed on job applications, but show you skills, work experience, and proof of online certifications and this should not be an issue. (Skills trump a college degree)


How to Become a Robotics Engineer – Online Education


Master Robotics from the University of Pennsylvania

Learn how to design, build and program robots, and rise in the ranks or kick start a career in one of the fastest growing tech fields today!


Python Certification from Edureka

Python course helps you gain expertise in quantitative analysis, data mining, and the presentation of data to see beyond the numbers by transforming your career into Data Scientist role. You will use libraries like Pandas, Numpy, Matplotlib, Scipy, Scikit, Pyspark and master the concepts like Python machine learning, scripts, sequence, web scraping and big data analytics leveraging Apache Spark.

If you lack coding knowledge this course will be highly beneficial to you!

Go from zero -to- hero with this python course from edureka.


Microsoft Azure Certification

edureka microsoft azure training certification





Azure Certification Training is designed to help you pass the Microsoft Azure Certification Exam. You will learn to create and manage Azure Resource Manager Virtual Machines, design and implement a storage and data strategy, manage identity, application and network services together with mastering the concepts like Azure Ad, Azure Storage, Azure SDK, Azure Cloud Services, Azure SQL Database, Azure Web App.

Understanding the use of data management and resources is crucial. Many key aspects of robotics will be taking place within these environments.

 AWS SystemOps Certification

edureka aws certification training tutorial

WS SysOps Certification Training is designed to help you pass the AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate Exam. Learn how to create automatable and repeatable deployments of networks and systems on the AWS platform using AWS features and tools related to configuration and deployment. You will also gain expertise in services like Cloudwatch, Cloudtrail, ELB, Route53, EC2, S3, Glacier, IAM and VPC

Another cloud based data environment to capture and understand information. You will want to do some research on your specific field of robotics in order to see which cloud system is best for your interests.

In the near future I will be creating a review on the differences between AWS and Azure. Stay Tuned!

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