Is Eduerka Good – Learn How to Code Online with Tutorial Training Videos

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Updated October 23, 2017

What is Edureka?

They are quickly growing and heading towards becoming one of the largest online providers of educational resources to equip people with skills in order to excel in the technology realms of the job/skills market.

The Have received Recognition from:


When I first came across Edureka and considered offering them as a resource to building skills online I was uncertain. They are a company based over seas, I did not know how the language barrier would work, and they did not have any “University credentials” backing them up.

So, if they don’t have University “Credibility” then how do they fit into the Jobs in the Future three credentials of approval:

  • Credibility
  • Expertise
  • Review


Credibility of Edureka:

Edureka is not technically affiliated with any brick and mortar universities. None of their classes are taught by any instructors from within ivy league schools. But edureka has a board directors highly steeped in the educational system of top schools in America:

  • Chief Marketing Officer received his MBA from the University of California – Irvine
    • Worked with Facebook and InfoStretch in Silicone Valley
  • Head of Product Development received his MBA from Chicago Booth School of Business and MS from IIT Chicago. He has 17 years in product management, software design, and development at Amazon .com
  • Head of Certifications received his DBA in telecommunications from West Coast University and has over 20 years of experience developing relationships through outside opportunity and partnership in order to emerge as a leading provider of high quality products.
  • Head of Operations is responsible for acquiring new instructors. Prior to working with Edureka he was business process re-engineer, working to improve company management.

I tell you all of these qualifications to highlight the depth and diversity of the people spearheading the development of Edureka. They are passionate about education, highly qualified business minds, with in credible vision for the future. When I evaluate an online educational opportunity I definitely consider years of tenor a high priority, but with education coming upon a major shift in the decade to come (I speak of the fast pace that we will see brick and mortar school shutting down or transitioning full) Edureka is on the leading edge of improving and even mastering the art and practice of providing the highest of quality in online education.


Expertise of Edureka:

Their courses are taught be some of the top developers, programmers and computer scientist in the field. As an India based company they will be taught be Indians, and as India continues to become a leading force in tech field such as Data Analytics and Customer relations Edureka will only continue to grow in the quality of its instructor acquisition.

Their instructors must have three qualifications:

  • Deep knowledge of their particular domain with evidence of the knowledge
    • (Projects, companies they have worked for, and references)
  • They must be passionate about teaching and seeing others grow their skills
    • (A huge must, in my own educational experience I found that some of my instructors did not enjoy teaching, it was nearly forced upon them)
  • And they must have exceptional communication skills.
    • (When I first came across Edureka this was one concern I had, but my concern was quickly alleviated after working with a few of their instructors. I have found they communicate with excellence.)

Reviews of Edureka:

To me this is without a doubt the most important credential for any online educational service. Is the customer please with the service. A company can have all the right backing, Board Members, and qualified teachers, but if the client hates the experience and is unable to land a job than all of those things are worth nothing.

Edureka has phenomenal ratings from customers corporations around the world. Areas that people are raving about include:

  • Live Instructor lead courses with easy playback
  • Online educational portable that fills a gap in most professional careerists that don’t have time to go back to University to develop the necessary skills to stay relevant in their career.
  • “Watch Before Participating” If you are curious about a course, but you are uncertain if it will be a good fit you can preview the course by watching videos from a previous teaching of the subject.
  • Lifetime access to the course you purchased.
    • Perhaps you need to brush up on a skill, just go back and take it again!
  • Fast 24×7 Support Team!
  • Continuous Improvement and Renovation of the courses.
  • Explanations are clean, clear, and easy to understand.

They have taught over 575,000 learners since their inception in 2011.

Note: they have been around longer than! (another highly qualified online training platform)

Meeting the Jobs in the Future credentials qualifications high above the standard says to me that this groups is not only here to stay but leading the pack in the innovative industry of online education.

There are countless online education marketplaces on the internet. And there’s Edureka. They are not the biggest. They are not the cheapest. But They are the fastest growing. They have the highest course completion rate in the industry.

Live online courses, using a team of extremely committed educators, and 24×7 assistance all aimed to educate learners with the skills to find success in professional life!

Get Started Learning Now. Don’t wait another minute to become more relevant in an every volatile job market.

Develop Your Skills, Build Your Variety, Keep Yourself Relevant!

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