How to Become a Master of Innovation – Mastery by Robert Greene (My 2nd Review)

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Updated October 21, 2017

The Story:

On the second review of Robert Greene’s Book Mastery I wanted to point out an incredible story of a group of Micronesian Islanders. These islanders were able to navigate from island to island within an area that is 98% water without any instruments. They had no compass, no gauges, and no telescope to spot land at a far.

The Micronesian islanders did not need any instruments because they utilized the incredible power of the human mind to read and respond to the natural world around them. They studied the stars, tides water temperatures, and and currents in order to understand the distances between islands and their location in respect to the islands. They built no maps, no charts, and no written system. The knowledge they used was passed down from Master navigator to pupil only through the mind.

Those who travel with the islanders were in sheer amazement at the relaxed posture of the master navigator. These individuals made note that the navigator would only occasional glance up at the night sky or the position of the sun, or dip his hand into the water to gauge the temperature in order to understand their position to nearby islands, out of view by site, but in touch by the feel of the water.

The Micronesian islanders also understood the patterns of the birds flying above head and used this information to guide them as well. All of this information was stored and accessed within their minds in or to accurately navigate the seas.


Thinking of our current circumstances today, I have noticed that technology is often used as an ends of entertainment, or consumption of knowledge, rather than a means to build upon a current set of knowledge leading to deeper discovery and innovation. Technology is an incredible tool, but when we loose our ability to formulate new ideas from the available information we turn the power of our minds down one level at a time.

In reference to Jobs in the Future, our greatest strength in the future economy of Jobs will be our ability to innovate, create, and lead people. This is all possible by utilizing our brain power in order to transform the information at hand into a set of tools to navigate our field of work, just as the Micronesians navigated the great distances between islands.

“We must be eyes for observing and brains for analyzing”

  • Robert Greene

We must not fall in love with all the little things in this life that are merely useful to us. We must fall in love with the power of our minds and utilize this power to become a master of innovation.

Your greatest strength to outpace automation is the ability to process information, innovate, and create!