How Get a Job with Nasa, Tesla, or! – Robotics Engineer

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Updated October 20, 2017

Becoming a Robotics Engineer will truly set you apart as an individual with an eye on the future!

The time is already here, robotics engineers are being called on from all facets of the workforce, but don’t worry it is not to late to dive into this incredible opportunity.

The Salary for a Robotics Engineer has ability to start at around 50k and top off somewhere in the 200k range!

So yeah, there is some great cheddar to be made in this field!

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Nasa, Tesla, and are Hiring Robotics Engineers!

  • Nasa: Robotics Engineer (glassdoor est. $85k)
    • Nasa is hiring in their jet propulsion division for robotics that will explore our solar system! You role will be to develop robotics that will be sent out on space missions to study Earth, the Solar System, and the Universe.
    • They are advertising this position for recent college grads, so this is an amazing first job opportunity
    • First Job with incredible pay!
  • Tesla: Robotic Engineer (glassdoor est. $65k)
    • Your role in Tesla will be to know and operate all things robotic as relating to the body shop.
    • This is where we see most clearly the transition from unskilled labor to skilled. Before you would have workers on the assembly line creating the body, but now you will be the skilled expert making sure that all the robotics are optimized, updated, and working as efficiently as possible!
  • Robotics Software Engineer (glassdoor est. $75k)
    • Software engineer capable of building new technology at the intersection of software, systems, sensing, machine learning and physical deployment at scale.
    • You will be working on product deployment and delivery optimizations via robotics.

How to Become a Robotics Engineer – Online Education


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