Auto Desk Fusion 360 Tutorials and Courses for Beginners

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Updated October 18, 2017

Get Training on CAD Fusion 360 with!

Fusion 360 Training at Lynda Online Courses

Learn to use key technology software to build out objects on 3D printers, engineering architecture, bridge schematics, car design, jewelry design, rocket/spacecraft modeling, along with so much more…

This Course is Taught by Nick Kloski. He is the Co-Founder of HoneyPoint3D, which is a leading educational program for rapid 3D prototyping. Nick has taught more than 7,000 students between his in-person and online training courses. He is an considered an expert in his field, having been asked to conduct many interviews and articles on the subject of 3D printing and prototyping. Before launching HoneyPoint3D Nick worked for Oracle and Sun Microsystems for 16 years where he in a technical marketing role and trainer.

Nick Kloski is highly qualified for this instructional position

What are your learning outcomes:

  • Become familiar with the use-interface
  • How to use the Ribbon, status bar, and ViewCube
  • Setting and Converting Drawings
  • Drawing and modifying projects
  • Using the Sketching, Modeling and Sculpting tools.
  • Converting and Modeling Complex Meshes

AutoDesk CAD Software is an incredibly powerful tool and no matter the application you are interested in applying your skills to you will highly benefit from the ability to use this software.

Once you get a grasp of Auto Desk you can pursue the more in-depth courses that they offer here you can step into deeper learning with CAD software educational programs, but this will get you started and give you much to learn.

Current Job listings when article was posted:

  • Nasa 3D Printing Technician
  • Lux Research Inc. : Emerging Materials and 3D Printing Technologies
  • As well as over 3,500 CAD Designer Job Opening on Glassdoor!

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