How to Become a Front End App Developer – Tutorials and Courses to Start a Developer Career Now!

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Updated October 14, 2017

What is a Front End App Developer?

A Front end app developer integrates the art of design with the value of programming. A front end developer sketches the look and feel of the app design, brings it to life with valuable coding skills, and then creates a masterful interactive experience for the end user by creating a UI/UX (user interface/user experience). The front end designer will take on the role of design, visual interaction, and app workability for the user while the back end designer will be responsible for server-side application logic and integration of the work you do as the front end designer.

When you log into your favorite app like messenger, instagram, facebook, google maps, etc… a front end developer took the time to map out the visual placement of each element, design them with beautiful taste, and anticipate how you as the user would like to interact with the application.

A front end designer is someone with a love for design but a need to still sharp in their skills for a future proof job in the tech industry. a front end designer will need to know code, and that is why this a a great first step in becoming future proof as an individual on the search for a job in the future.

Skill Required for Front End App Developers:

  • Experience with using HTML5, CSS3, and modern Java Script Frameworks
  • Preprocessed CSS
  • Designed or influenced interfaces for mobile and desktop web
  • Working familiarity and demonstrable experience with modern web design practices
  • Educational experience with proof of that education (ie projects, certifications, etc…)
  • Having a familiarity with JSON will also be a big bonus to you

Proficiencies for Front end Developers:

  • Analysis and problem solving skills
  • handle high pace work environment with multiple jobs at once
    (I laugh because every company listing has this description on it. AKA, don’t be lazy.)
  • Implement and maintain mobile applications
  • Develop high quality code adhering to engineering best practices
  • Exemplify self discipline, motivation, and a willingness to learn and grow as a developer

Jobs Hiring Front end App Developers When Post Was Created:

  • Walt Disney Company – Senior App Developer (glassdoor est. $105k – $125k)
    • This is a senior level position, but for you new comers I wanted to feature the future potential of your financial opportunities and with incredible companies!
  • University of Central Florida – Front End App Developer (glassdoor est. $45k – $65k)
    • Work for one of the largest colleges in America as a great jump start to your app development career!
  • 6Sense – Front End Developer (glassdoor est. $100k – $110k)
    • Work for a small tech company in San Francisco CA to get a big start in one of the tech capitals of America!

Educational Opportunities for Front End App Developers


edureka web development tutorials


Web Development Certification===>

Get started right away with HTML5 CSS3 and Java Script Frame work. These are the basics to app development as well as web design as a whole. having these skills under your belt will give you a solid foundation for any app skills you will need to build in your career. Don’t skimp out on these fundamental basics that you will definitely need.


learn php training tutorials now

PHP & MySQL with MVC Frameworks Certification===>

As a front end designer you will be working closely with the back end designer. Your ability to work efficiently with this person will be key to fantastic teamwork and that is why I would highly recommend gaining and developing a knowledge of PHP and MySQL Database knowledge. it is definitely a skill set and knowledge that will take work to gain, but it will make you extremely valuable to your team and that valuable is what you want to future proof your career!


Evaluating Designs with Users===>

As a front end developer you will be the one planning and executing the user experience for the application. This means that you are fully responsible for the users enjoyment of the companies product. You must know how to create an enjoyable experience for the end user, or they will hate your app and your company will lose business, to put it bluntly… This is why you must develop an understanding of how to artfully craft a user experience.


Now, you are interested in App design. and you want to be successful and land a killer career. Well then, don’t play around with your education. Take the full crash course for app development here!

master app development with online tutorials and courses

Full Stack Web Development Masters Program===>

In order to future proof your career don’t fear building skills. Your brain will tell you to run, but you can’t give up, you can’t give in, you must press on to achieve a great career in app development!