Don’t Stick to the Status Quo – The Icarus Deception by Seth Godin (My Review)

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Updated October 14, 2017

The Icarus Deception by Seth Godin is a fantastic book written to inspire artists, designers, and creative types as a whole to step out and decline the status quo. 

One section that sticks out to me specifically is what he refers to as the Safety Zone. The safety zone is where you can find work, success, and financial achievement. Now back 50 years ago the safety zone and our basic comfort zone as humans matched up pretty well.

Get a simple unskilled job, stay quite and don’t ruffle any feathers. With this, you were pretty much set. You did not have to concern yourself with getting out of your comfort zone. You just went with the flow and everything was alright. That is until the technology revolution began to pick up steam. The job field began to look rather shaky, but people held on to their safe jobs and things seemed to be going quite well.

But now with technology at rapidly growing pace our comfort zone is in extreme danger. We must consider abandoning our comfort zone to seek the no safe zone.

The new safe zone is beyond comfort. It is all about adapting and stretching your skills to make sure you are on the cutting edge of your capabilities and the technologies available.

Take courage! Step out of your comfort zone and into the new safe zone. Where developing skill is the way to stay on top of the ever shifting job economy. There will be jobs in the future, but the question is…will you be the one to fill one of those jobs.

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