Jobs 2037: How to Adapt for a Future Job or Career

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Updated October 13, 2017

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Top Ideas and Thoughts from the “Jobs 2037” Milken Panel Review

60% of the jobs in 1950 were un-skilled… currently in 2017 that is 12 but if you look at the amount of skilled jobs comparatively it is 20% in 1950 to 75% in 2017. “Tech and Touch” Human beings will be in great use but consider that before we used paper/face to face marketing…where now it is digital marketing. – 9:15min

If the past is forecasting the future, technology has always increased the net amount of jobs. – 10:00min

“The prospect of a net addition of jobs is comforting only to the extent that the workers involved can find ways to access the new opportunities.” – 10:20min (Education is of max importance here)

Your ability to adapt to the change with technology is a positive for jobs if you are willing. Build up skills in the technological aspects of your desired industry. – 15:00min

“It is now more important than ever for the educational institutions and industry to talk.” They have not always conversed properly. They have been educating for the past and present, rather than the future. – 17:20min

It is not that people don’t have jobs but there are jobs available without workers to fill them.
– 18:45min

“The use of technology and distribution…is a way that small and medium businesses, which create most of the jobs in the world, can tie into a distribution system… and they don’t necessarily have to have twenty stores to distribute their product they can tie into this distribution system.” Jobs are created in small and medium businesses … 62 million jobs created between 1970 – 2000. Small and Medium businesses design the new and innovative products! – 27:15min

“Part of the reason that returns on job training at an older age is so low. Is that very often the training is not tied to the needs at the workplace.” – 38:35min