How to Overcome the Fear of Skill Development to Build Your Career – My Review of Mastery

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Updated October 8, 2017

Mastery by Robert Greene (Jobs in the Future Book Review)

When you think of the great legends of mastery you think of a people like Mozart, Thomas Edison, Newton, or Van Gogh. You think that these people just happened upon these incredible skills and obtained Mastery with great ease. Well, according to Robert Greene and his study of Masters throughout history it was in fact these individuals immense dedication to their craft that lead them to mastery in their fields.

Key Points noted in this video:

1 ) Mastery says that you must pursue dedicated practice of the skills in your weakest areas in order to become stronger in your field. Don’t simply keep practicing the skills you are good at, but practice those skills you need to better. Repetition is only the key to learning if that repetition is extremely intentional.

2 ) Hard work is the number one ingredient to mastery. Don’t shy away from that which is painful, through pain you will find mastery.

3  Don’t allow yourself to become undisciplined and scattered. Hone in on your course of study, be open to not knowing and then learn from someone who is wiser and more skilled then yourself, after that launch out into deliberate and deep practice daily.


book review on mastery by robert greene

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