Why You Can’t Land a Job in the Future without Skill Development

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Updated October 6, 2017

Stephen Covey (Author of: 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” Said,

“Private victories proceed public victories.”

This quote gives me courage when I am grinding away for hours and hours seeing little to no progress in my professional efforts, receiving no recognition, and giving up hours of sleep.

This ought to motivate us to keep going by putting our hands to the plow and plant seed in anticipation of the harvest!

Stephen Covey also gave an analogy of farming. I will paraphrase. He Said that in order to have a great harvest, one must prepare. Think about the college life of most 18-22 years olds… Stay up late, goof off, and then cram for the 8am test an hour before hoping that something will stick! Perhaps they score well. Maybe by some slick chance they even get an A on the test. So they think to themselves, “Man, I have got this thing figured out, WATCH OUT LIFE, HERE I COME!” The truth is, that information will quickly disperse from their minds and they will end up lacking a very key concept in order to build their skills on a solid foundation.

Let me introduce you to Covey’s idea,

“You Can’t Cram Farming”

When it comes to farming (And I know that this relates to building skills for your Job in the Future) you can not cram for a harvest. You can’t slack off all winter long, leaving the machines un maintained and abandoned. You can’t welcome spring time by leisurely waltzing around you farmhouse reading the news and putting of the plowing. And you most certainly can not neglect planting the seed. If you walk out into your fields in the end of the summer and become angry when the harvest has not come to full bloom, it would not be surprising for everyone in your town to say, “well duh farmer Tom, you never planted your crop”.

So why is it we think we can neglect building deep skills in out desire to pursue a career and then when the opportunity comes knocking we become angry that they will not hire us for our lack of ability.

“I went to college, I got my degree!”

And that is great! But did you build skills, and consistently improve upon those skills to heighten your career capital making you far more attractive to the employer.

Do not spend your years doing shallow work. if you plant shallow seeds you shall yield weak crops.

Starting Planting seeds now!


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