Why Going to College Could Keep You From Getting a Good Job!

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Updated October 4, 2017

How Can Going to College KEEP YOU From Getting a Job?!

When I was growing up my grandfather was always encouraging me to get good grades in school, go to college with a safe degree, and get a “good” job where I could receive “good” pay, some paid vacation time, a pension, and social security for a comfortable retirement.

I don’t know about you, but from my outlook jobs are changing and changing fast!

No longer is it considered a wise thing to pursue a one “good” job for years and years of dedication. Our young generation spends their working years building skills at a variety of positions before eventually settling into a long term position.

So, onto my point about why going to a brick and mortar college could keep you from getting a Job…

1) Flexibility

If you were to enroll in a specific brick and mortar college program they will often set your schedule, tell you where to be, and at exactly what time.

On the contrary an online education could allow you to go to…

  • Take Online Courses on your own timing


2) Building Relationships

When you are in college culture is often promoting a failure to launch mentality. That is to say, show up to some of your classes, do just enough to pass, and make sure you catch all the good parties. This mentality is completely counter-intuitive to why colleges originally began. They were intended to be a way to for young professionals to pursuing expertise in a specific field to connect with experts in their intended career path to mentor them into a professionals themselves.

For many a brick and mortar college is more like a playground to extend adolescence than a way to boost career skills…whereas if you are serious about building skills online courses can cut through all the unprofitable college “experiences” and digitally connect you to experts in your desired field.

Not only will you be learning online from some of the best in your respected industry, but you can also connect with…

  • Jobs related to your field of interest to put your growing skills to the test
  • Internships to build your resume, learn valuable lessons, and harness the power of relationships
  • Find a mentor to help guide you on a path to your desired goal

Great Talk on Building your own education!

Forget university? 4 steps to design your own education | Till H. GroƟ | TEDxKlagenfurt


3) Affordability

This is becoming another one of the leading reasons to attend an online college program!

At the University of Illinois what will it cost to get a Masters in Data Analytics?

Clearly huge savings and from an extremely reputable school.


Online Educational Opportunities

There are numerous online courses that have certified programs where you can receive credentials for the courses you have built skills within. I have included a list of courses below for you to explore your interests!

EdX Global Education ===>

  • Online Courses with many feature certificates and credentials


How Design University ===>

  • Build you skills in the arts and graphic design industry with some of the leading experts


Lynda.com ===>

  • Thousands of Online courses to learn from experts in the fields
  • Truly a leader in tech, design, and business


Edureka Online Tech Mastery ===>

  • A great resource to master subjects such as Coding, Cloud Computing, Data Analytics, and much more


Future Learn International Universities ===>

  • Learn on an International level with schools from around the world


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