Opportunity: 3D Bio Printing Technician – Help Cure Diseases

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Updated October 2, 2017

 What is 3D Bio Printing:

3D Bio printing allows technicians to print live cells in a contained space using standard 3D printing technologies. This is accomplished by layer selected cells in what is referred to as the matrix (a liquid mixture of cells and nutrients) creating bio links forming the living tissue that will be used to print the live 3D printing. YES IT IS ALIVE! Absolutely Incredible.

So, 3D bio printing takes on the same techniques as regular 3D printing except with the twist that the object that it produces is a living organism. For a complete breakdown I have attached a video by one of the leading developers of this technology as well as a website to fill you in on the details.

About 3D Bio Printing:

The opportunities of 3D Bio Printing are absolutely incredible. An example from the attached video blows my mind: in the past a gentleman working on how to eliminate/treat cancer tumors would construct his own tumors out of organic material to conduct testing. This process was very slow and he could only build about 6 tumors per day. But, now he can produce dozens per day and as the technology develops this number could greatly increase!

Duties & Skills to Build:

  • Ability to understand of Blue Prints and Design Schematics
  • Good knowledge and ability to use CAD software (Autodesk Fusion 360 is recommend)
  • Degree/or Lab experience of Biology or Medical Sciences
  • Computer Science Background would be helpful to you.


Educational Opportunities:

Bioprinting: 3D Printing Body Parts

become a 3D bio printer and learn how to bio print online

Future Learn Bio Printing Jump in Now! ===>

Get started understanding the intricacies of Bio-Printing with a course that breaks down the process and the multidisciplinary nature of clinical 3D bioprinting. You will learn the following:

  • Pros and limitations of 3D bio printing software
  • The process: design, fabrication, and choice of materials
  • Bioactive research
  • Ethical and regulatory insights for the future of bio-printing
  • How to accurately communicate the benefits of bio-printing to the medical community

Get Training on Auto Desk 360 Fusion with Lynda.com!

Auto Desk 360 Training at Lynda Online Courses

Learn to use key technology software to build out objects on 3D bio printers. The same techniques and application of knowledge is extremely similar to regular 3D printing yet with a twist of the biological aspect. What are your learning outcomes:

  • Become familiar with the use-interface
  • How to use the Ribbon, status bar, and ViewCube
  • Setting and Converting Drawings
  • Drawing and modifying projects

Once you get a grasp of Auto Desk you can pursue the more in-depth courses that they offer here you can step into deeper learning with CAD software educational programs, but this will get you started and give you much to learn.


Current Job listings when article was posted:

  • Nasa 3D Printing Technician
  • Medical Sciences and Computing : Scientific 3D Printing and Visualization Specialist
  • University of Leuven : 3D Bio Printing Technologies
  • Lux Research Inc. : Emerging Materials and 3D Printing Technologies


See the Attached Links & Video by Bio Bots for Insights into Bio Printing.




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